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ive shot quite a few hundred of those thors and never notice any copper issues. I used a copper cleaner in the past and never got anything so i see that as a good thing!

I mostly shoot BH209 but do have a flinter so that gets Goex 3f.

The trigger is heavy on it, in fact with the scope on, i can curl up a finger, hook it around the trigger and the rifles weight still wont set it off. I can send the trigger into CVA and they'll adjust it down to 3 - 3.5lbs for free. So not really a problem, i am going to leave it alone for now and practice my trigger pull.

Overall barrel fit to stock is very clean, not to many area's of the barrel are touching the stock. No recoil pad but i can get the Crushzone for $13 later on. Ramrod rattles around in the thimble and i wish there was one more of those thimbles and seeing how its a slip on thimble, adding another shouldnt be a problem.

Capping is a pain in the butt if you dont use the tool for it but i figure after the first shot, you already spooked the game in the area so you may as well take your time reloading and not get rushed.

Have a nice cloudy day here right now so i'll be able to try some of those 245's out later on and see how they do.

Another thing i noticed is that there is no QLA!
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