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Originally Posted by timberghost View Post
Ronn, you bought this and then gave it to FG without a hitch????? Sorry I don't think I know the whole story here.
yup pretty much.

i've had the thing for at least 10 years. carried it one season and went back to the t/c then got the savage.

the fit and finish is real poor. the machine screws that hold it together are soft, the trigger is like pulling a anvil with just a finger. the barrel looks like as it was on the lathe they laid a file on it for a finish then blued it, the sights were plastic, the stock is one of those hollow sounding synthetics. it was a booger to get the primer in and out. the plus was it was light but that didn't help with the perceived recoil. and it was cheap, but you get what you pay for even though some disagree.

the only thing i ask is that fg somehow pass it forward. like get a kid into hunting that maybe wouldn't have.

you can still buy them for right around 175 i think.

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