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Daylight to dark is a long hunt, good for you if you are able. During the rut that would be the time to do it.

A plastic coke bottle works fine if you have to go.

Keep in mind that deer travel is influenced by food, cover and terrain. They are creatures that like to move on the edges. Try to set up in areas that tend to concentrate the deer like the corners of a field, the convergence of different habitats; like where the corner of a field meets hardwoods and a clear cut, in TN gaps and saddles in the ridges, sometimes itís just an area that is a little thicker than the rest of the woods, or a slight depression. Anything that funnels the deer like a wood line between fields is great.

Bedding areas can be anywhere from open woods to thick cover. I don't know if deer return to the same bedding area or if they just plop down where they are. I guess I've seen evidence of both. If you keep an eye out for them you can see where they have bedded down by the way the leaves or grass is flattened. An abundance of droppings has always indicated a bedding area is close by to me.

I guess you are using a ladder stand. If possible and you have the trees for it I would get a climbing stand. I feel if you hunt the same tree all the time the deer will get wise to your location.

Good Luck!
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