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all right, sounds good,
thanks for all the input. I'll take all of the advise here and try to put it to good use. Hopefully something will happen for me, but it will have to wait til next week when I can get out again. As far as bedding areas are concerned, I haven't got a clue. I've read look for the thickest, nastiest pile of brush that you would never try and walk through, and thats probably it, but I haven't really gone out looking for them. My stand is about 50-60 yds in the woods from the corn field and a couple hundred yards from where I park. I thought about putting it right on the edge of the corn field , but I'm afraid it might get stolen being very visible. I hear alot of that happens these days. They're not worth a whole lot, in my opinion, so why would somebody go out in the middle of the night to steal somthing worth a hundred bucks or so. IDIOTS! but thats a whole other subject.
Which reminds me, this evening I headed out to do some running around, and guess what I saw in the corner of a newly harvested corn field? a dozen or so deer, just mocking me, standing right out in the open.
Thanks guys
I'll keep watching this site and keep you posted on how it goes for me next week.
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