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Hi Friend,

Deer are generally active for a few hours in the morning, and the last couple of hours of the day, during warm weather. It souds to me that you need to find a primary trail. Then focus on am and pm hours.

Deer will be heading to their bedding areas in the morning, and feeding areas in the evening. Try to determine where your stands are in relation to the bedding and feeding areas.

Then ambush them between the two.

The primary trail that they are using on a regular basis, will be about 6 inches wide, and will be full of tracks. Once you find the primary trail set up your stand 20 yards or so downwind, hopefully the sun will be on your left or right shoulder.

Deer will spook if they see your shadow movements, so remember this, when the time comes.

Don't try to set up to close to the bedding areas, stay 300 or 400 yards or so away, and you should start to see deer.

All the advice above is also very relevant to your success.

Hope this helps.

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