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No, I wasn't implying you were out there being foolish with the calls and rattlers... IF the Deer aren't in that mode than neither should you be.
Like buckshot says, " I would wait about using the calls and rattles until you have heard the deer do the same then you can better replicate. "

The warm temperatures are most likely playing a role in this as well, Deer tend to be lazy as heck when it's warm/hot out... BUT as soon as sun sets and the cooler night air moves in they come right back to life and go on about their normal routines...

How far is your stand?
Do you go to your stand from your vehicle or from your house?
How long does it take you to walk to your stand?

Bodily Functions??? IF you're the type that just can't hold it I would suggest a Hunters toilet.
It would be ok to walk way away from your hunting area and use a tree if you only have to go #1 just make sure you're NOT in an area where you want to hunt or where the deer travel thru to get to where you hunt...
BUT if you have to go #2 Don't do it in the woods... keep a hunters toilet at the car if you drive to your hunting spot, if you walk into the woods from home just go back home and ake care of it there...

Click here to see the Hunters Toilet

Good Luck and Happy Safe hunting ....

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