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Sounds to me like you're doing most everything correctly...
my suggestion would be to leave the call's, rattling bags/ Horns and all that sort of stuff home and focus on YOU, your location and covering your scent.

you said "And I've heard them running off as I sneak into the woods but it's too dark to see them."
that's a big problem right there, once the deer know your approx. location you can bet it'll be a rare sight to see them in those spots until they know it's safe to head back in there. they may not have even know what ity was that spooked them out but they know it shouldn't have been there so they go into a Caution mode,, after that their noses go on full alert... SO by you using grunts, bleats, rattlers and whatever that just gives them more things to hone in on you and your location it's just a metter of time before they get wind of your scent so now what you have to do is, GO in a little later, at least so you can see as you make your way in that way you might be able to move a little quieter and sneak on in past them un-noticed OR you may be able to get one going into your stand, can't shoot em if you can't see em. ONCE you make it into your stand spray down with some Scent-A-Way or similar product then just wait it out to see what happens make sure you have little or NO movements (Slow movements only) and always move your eyes first.
Hopefully this will get you seeing some Deer, if after 2 or 3 days you're still not seeing anything try moving to a Different area , a couple hundred yards may make a big difference....

As a Newbie you may not have success during your first year or 2 or maybe more it all depends on your determination and self discipline... But over time you'll gain greater hunting skills and future hunts won't seem to be so hard...

Good Luck to you
If you need any more advice or have questions don't hesitate to ask...

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