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Talking New Bowhunter

Hello everyone, I'm a new member here at the deer hunting forums, a very nice setup that ya'll have here.

Anyways I'm a new bowhunter, straight out of the package, so I'm looking for some information, as in:

1. when does bowhunting start in my area? Rock Spring, Ga.
2. what type of no scents should i use? (that you have found effective)?
3. i have been granted to hunt on my x-father-in-laws land ( 58 acres, with tree-house stand that has been there since before the marriage and divorce) htis tree-house type of stand has no cover and is about 15' off the ground, would i need to provide covering for it, or should i not worry about it?
4. what type of sights and arrow rest should i use for a left handed bow? (cash is an issue here)
5. are there any good to decent links for green bowhunters?

I'm eager to hear what type of responses i get, and thank you in advance to everyone!!

((I'm not easily offended, so any constructive criticism is accepted ))

Backwards Bowhunter
((I'ma Lefty))
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