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I've been camming almost 10 years now, building my own back when they were $250 and up. There are really two reasons to use a trail cam. One is for what I call "gee whiz" pics - those that are eye catching and actually works of art. For those you are looking for a background and deer trail and planning on shooting the pic to get a desired effect. You'll usually plan on having the deer between 10 and 20 feet from the camera. The second use it to "count noses" - to find out what animals are out there and (imperfectly) to try to pattern the time of day that they are visiting a feed site or using a specific trail. For those you can be up to about 75 feet away (if the temperature is cold enough so the deer triggers the IR sensor). As for getting pics of mature bucks, I definitely would NOT, repeat NOT, set up for a shot where I intended to set my stand. It is VERY unusual to get repeat pictures of big bucks in the same spot. They may only move their travel route by 50 feet - but they will rarely go back to a place where they had a flash go off in their face. Does and spikes - sure - they aren't old and smart yet. Hope this helps, and have fun with the cam.
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