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Although Dixie calls The Tri-Ball loads, 3" and 3 1/2", buckshot......there is no real comparison in striking power compared to regular buckshot!
There are many hunting situations where a Multi-Ball load, like the Tri-Ball loads, is better that a single ball load, slug or otherwise.
The problem arises where a buckshot load is compared with the multi-ball Tri-Ball loads. Each .600" ball , of the three ball load, has the striking power of some rifles in use now.
Like all new products, there is a great deal of un-founded speculation put out by those who have not even tested the product!.....epsecially on game.
By calling a multi-ball load, like the Tri-Ball loads, buckshot.....It drags along the hunters impression of the less powerful regular buckshot.
Dixie called the Tri-Ball loads buckshot in order to reach the much overlooked buckshot market.
Contrary to what many think.....buckshot, used properly, remains a very large hunting group....most in the denser woodland areas of the Southern tier of States.
It is sad indeed that many have speculative opinions about a product they have never used!
The ammo making game is an odd market indeed. The maker seldon receives word of the successful use of their's just supposed to work! The real rule of the thumb is re-orders! That's how Ole" Dixie knows that that we have a good product......we have trouble keeping up with re-orders!
Regards, James
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