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Hey timberghost!
I think you had a can of worms and let them set out in the 90 degree heat for three days. lol
What you ask is a very complex question. Also very contraversial.
I don"T know anything about the water on fire but I will look it up.
As for pollution, violence, corruption and other negative human actions,
God hates sin,for the most part what we are dealing with here he gave us this world and we are to be good stewards of it
but some of us want to use it for their own personal advantage and gain of wealth to the detriment of others. One of the Ten Commandments is to love your brother (neighbor) as yourself. What does BP love in the Gulf, you and I or their dough? Violence is pretty much a no brainer if you again believe the mentioned commandment. Corruption again becomes another no brainer, if you loved your neighbor as yourself you wouldn"t steal, swindle or take bribes. I feel any action which shows lack of love towards others is, well, sinful. I know I sound like the preacher you don"t want to hear but unfortunately, I speak from my own less than perfect path therefore, I and almost everyone are experts "in their own field" if you get my drift. We all do stuff we regret but fortunately I have found a Savoir in Jesus.
As for the natural disasters around the world, God is God, supreme in all He does. Again in the Bible it is stated that there will be all these things until the Lord returns. Sometimes we just don"t get it and He wakes us up!
Just an old boys opinion
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