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Well, I went out this morning, and every piece of advise I have been given was running through my head... I saw a doe and fawn way back in the woods turn in my direction. I was told, be patient they will come closer.... dont pull back too soon...Stay still...Well, I was totally still.... didnt pull back too soon... was patient... Way too much so. LOL! I was so surprised at how close the deer came, I didnt pull back too soon, but I wasnt able to pull back at all because I was on the ground and I didnt want to spook the doe. She came (I swear this is no exageration) she came about 6-8 feet from my face and looked right at me. It took a few seconds but she snorted at me when she finally saw me. I was shaking so bad by that time! I really dont want to go to work and tell all the guys I didnt shoot a deer because it was too close! LOL! I wasnt prepared to see them so close! I havent done much hunting to begin with.. I only have 2 deer under my belt. Theres always next time. Ill be ready then. Even though I didnt get anything I had a great time and cant wait to go back out.
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