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Try Varget for the .308 with CCI 200 primer and 165 Hornady SST or Sierra Game King or Prohunters. Amax is a very accurate match grade bullet but will not hold up to bone very well.

Varget has become my favorite all around powder. It seems to work well in anything however if you are after velocity the there are better powders to use. I use Varget in 4 different loads. Varget and IMR-4064 have equivelent burn rates. I now use H4350 in my 30-06 with the 165g SST but Varget/IMR-4064 are also very good. Finding the powder that gets you to the velocity that your barrel like is key. (harmonic node) This is where having a chrono helps. Your bullet choice is secondary to this in regards to accuracy. These days there really isn't a bad bullet made.

30 cal-Sierra GK,Prohunter, SST, Accubonds, BT's all in 165gr work great.
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