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Hey Bruce,

I agree, safety first. That is exactly why I stated to the person that started this post, that if they choose to shoot at a running deer, that they pick a spot ahead of the deer, and wait for the deer to arrive, before squeezing the trigger.

This allows the hunter time to look beyond and determine if it is safe to shoot in that direction. It is much safer to shoot at a running deer this way, then trying to follow the deer and try to get a good shot.

Trying to follow a deer, while shooting at it, is not only dangerous, but it doesn't allow for a safe shot, nor does it allow a good clean shot.

It only takes one good shot to bring down any animal, and your best chance, and safest, is to choose a spot ahead of the deer, and wait for it to arrive.

Grunt calls don't always stop a buck that is bent on leaving the area. I know from experience.

I know this is a better and safer way to shoot at running deer, I have been shooting this way, since my grandfather showed me many years ago.

We all would like a standing still shot, but it is seldom available here in Maine. Especially when stalking. The woods are noisy, from dried up leaves, as well as blowdowns.

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