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Originally Posted by buckfever View Post
we both got skunked. the rain held off but the wind was kicking pretty good all morning. still should have seen deer though. i took him to my best place to bow hunt and see deer.
Don't let the Blues settle in buckfever, It's tough as heck to take someone on a Bow hunt. The problem is, when taking someone you decrease your chances drastically at seeing deer, it's hard enough when we're alone but now it's his scents and yours, it's his movements and yours, it's his noises and yours...
In order to UP the odds in the hunters favor the 2 hunters have to be somewhat equally skilled kinda like when we watch hunting Video's the camerman is always a skilled hunter as well as the featured hunter.

I hunt alot with Phillip and I taught him well, I'm confident he's doing what he needs to (as best he can) when we're hunting together. It wasn't like that in the beginning but now things are a little different but again it boils down to skill levels.

My advice would be, put your buddy in the stand and you be the Dog. if you move the deer around for him you may just put the deer of a lifetime in front of your buddy or you may be able to sneak up on one yourself. :-)

Good luck to both of you.

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