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Originally Posted by AJHunter View Post
Hey Buck,

I am simply stating if he chooses to shoot at a running deer, he will have a better chance of delivering a good clean kill shot by picking a spot ahead of the deer, and waiting for the deer to arrive.

It enables a hunter to deliver a good clean kill shot, rather than trying to follow the deer and shoot it.

I know it works, because that is how I shoot at running deer. You won't be moving when you squeeze the trigger.

Up here in Maine you need to shoot this way anyways, because of the heavily forested woods.

Most Maine hunters will agree with me on this. I agree it is better to shoot at a still deer, but we don't often have that option up here.

AJHunter I'm a Vermont hunter, Our (mine and yours) hunting styles, methods, and woods are the same. 33 years ago I was just like you but I learned after just a year or 2 that popping off an extra shot or 2 at the running deer wasn't a great idea at all, just think of the dangers involved when doing that, and the sad part of that is, there are still some professional hunters (won't mention names) that encourage taking pop shots at the running deer.

When we see a Buck in the woods we should take careful aim, Squeeze off that first shot and KNOW automatically that the deer is going to RUN BUT if we watch him as he runs off I'm TOTALLY convinced he will stop (they always do) after about 50, 60 or maybe 70 yards and offer another good clean shot, That's a tip that will make any hunter a much better hunter not only have you increased your chance at harvesting that deer but you were safe doing it. AJHunter I'm not preaching to you, I'm just sharing Good info that's going to make you a safer and probably a more successful hunter. I hope I've explained this well it's hard to put these things in writing sometimes.

if you Watch hunting video's look at what the Deer does after he gets shot, sometimes even on video you'll get to see them stop and offer one more good clean shot.

Good Luck

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