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First bone of the season

I got in my stand today about 3:00. First deer that showed was a doe. She browsed on a corn line I ran towards my stand, then meandered off. 15 minutes later the same Buck came in that I saw after shooting light on Sat. He looked weird from what i could see of him, but it was much too dark to take a crack. Today when he came back I could hardly believe my eyes! He's a six, but one side of his rack looks like one of those phone headsets that a secretary or something wears! He could hardly eat cause it is almost touching his mouth!!!. I debated for a few minutes, but I shot and put a good hit on him, but he still ran pretty far. I looked for him for an hour or so but came up empty. I will start again at first light and I should find him fairly easy cause he was bleeding pretty good. I'll post a pic of him as soon as I can. Thanks for reading. Great website. (I'm new)
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