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Public land can be some of the best hunting land available. You just have to have the attitude that it is open to everyone else.

I own a climber along with a hang on and ladder stand. I use my climber but prefer a hang on stand, but I feel the safest in the ladder stand.

For Christmas this year I am going to ask for the Non Typical rapid rails. I also plan on acquiring either a Tree Saddle or a Tree Seat (both are harness type tree stands). Because you wear the Tree Saddle/Seat I'm going to carry the Rapid Rails(11 lbs) in to the woods each time I hunt, set them up and then fix the Tree Saddle/Seat to the tree. I think this would be a great solution for public hunting.

I have a friend who used to use this technique before he got his own land, and said it is much simpler than it sounds.
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