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A note on the new Sig 250

One note that should be made is that the 250 series is designed as a carry/duty weapon. The trigger is DAO double action only. The standard trigger that was on the P228, 229, 226 were traditional double action. Where the first shot was long stroke double action, having to cock the hammer followed by lighter single action shots where the hammer is already back and ready to go. I think that many Police departments like the idea of the deliberate DAO triggers. Your second shot is more accurate and faster with the traditional double action in my opinion. I know at the range most shooters thumb cock the hammer to get to the crisp break instead of the longer stroke. I think the primary reason for the model 250 is to compete against the Glocks in the Police/Carry market. With the polimer frame the price is lower than it would be in an alloy frame.

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