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A different kind of trapping

I got a bunch of rats in the barn and my cat and couple dogs (believe it or not the dogs catch the rats too) are not keeping up very well.

These are not your little field mice. Some of them are a little to big for your average cat to catch. I guess thats the kinda rat you get when you feed them sweet feed, hi protein dog food and chicken scratch.

I havent found a live rat trap yet that would work for rats. Gonna hit tractor supply and look again today. For the little dudes Im gonna set up a 5 gal bucket with a little feed in the bottom of it. They are not big enough to jump back out once they get in but that trick isnt helping on the bigger ones. They just jump back outta the bucket.

You fellows got any old timer tricks on catching rats. Im against the poison method because I dont want the cat and dogs to eat on them after their dead and ingest the poison their self.
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