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rubs are from a bucks antlers on saplings and small trees. Some people say that the bigger the rub the bigger the deer but I really can't tell only when there are deep gouges in the tree from large brow tines. Then there are different types of rubs, traditional is when any buck just comes up to a tree and trashes it. Then theres a signpost rub that would really catch your eye when you see one. This is usually done on larger trees and appears to be very fresh and bright. I don't know the exact significance in these rubs but hopefully the info from Buckfever will provide more insight for you. I have seen these rubs in a line along with some scrapes (deer scratching leaves and dirt away to expose bare earth to pee in it for scent purposes. Usually done under a low overhanging branch in which the deer will lick, chew, and rub his eye and forehead glands on also for scent purposes). These signs may be a hot spot to scout for just don't get too close to these and for any reason don't touch and try hard not to leave any human scent in or around the area.

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