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If you purchased the weapon for home defense, be glad that you got the .40 cal. Although there are some pretty awesome home defense rounds out there for 9mm, the same rounds are MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE in .40 caliber.

Like ronn said above "not a bad deal depending on condition". Now take your time to clean it up real good, then go out and learn how to use it. No telling when you're liable to need it, just hoping that you never have to use it for its intended purpose. But it's far better to have it, and never need it, than to not have it, and then need it -- for what it's worth.

And who knows, maybe the next time we meet, we can have us a little competition -- <grin>.

And while you're at it, try to get a couple extra clips so you can alternate the loaded ones -- if you intend to keep it loaded at all times. Mine may not be "loaded" at all times, but there's always at least a clip or two that is/are loaded. Again, for what it's worth!

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