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HM, I agree with you. I think this country has been clearly divided for some time now. I also don't think the American people will choose the path of freedom either. Our elected officals will continue to force more controls upon us leading to the U.S. version of socialism and we will not do anything about because we can still eat. The vast majority of the people who put this current administration in power are already dependant upon the goverment and will not come out of it. And that was not meant as a racial comment. More and more people are looking to the goverment for answers to their lives and refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions. People refuse to build their lives through hard work and a little common sense. some couldn't buy a house due to their poor money managment and cry to the goverment, so the goverment forces banks to loan the money which drives home prices way higher than they're worth. Then the bottom drops out of the market and again people cry for the goverment to bail them out of that too..... They put all of their savings in the stock market, 401k's, etc and the bottom falls out so they cry to the goverment for stricter controls of the stock market..... Some want the highest paying union job in town, but but they cheapest of everything at Walmart, which means China, then complain when we've lost jobs overseas... the list goes on and on. You can't blame them tho, it's not their fault, they're just trying to survive. Yea whatever. The storm isn't coming, it's already here. Oh, and I'm calm as I write this.

We cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results
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