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I'm doing my best to simmer down, but America is at a turning point in her history. If we go down the dark path of socialism then all that comes with it will be deserved by those who so blindly chose it. At no time since the 60's racial division strife has there been a dividing line drawn this clearly. America is at an imploding point destroying what made her great. I truly hope the people realize the there are two paths to take, one is the destruction of the republic as we understand it, the other is for the freedom of the people and state's rights. I see this as a no grey issue you are either for socialism or not. I'm done now and thinking very clearly BB, blood pressure is returning to normal. Maybe I'll go clean my guns as most likey they will soon be at my door trying to take them away, that's socialism at its finest, whether I give them away is personal choise and freedom from government control!
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