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Hey, Ron, HM and anyone else who cares to read this.
Two guys visit NYC for the first time. When they arrive, each of them strikes out in a different direction for the day. That evening, they meet up and start comparing notes about the "Big Apple". The first guy starts lamenting, "Man, what a terrible place this it! All I saw were drug dealers, prostitutes, bars and crack houses on every corner. This place is just a modern Sodom! What do you think of it?"
His friend stared back at him with a somewhat puzzled look.
"I saw great libraries and museums, and there was the most beautiful cathedral. And there were operas and theaters with talented musicians and entertainers. I saw wonderfully equipped hospitals and universities. This is a great place!"
Point is, we tend to see what we want to see in all things. Some of us see things that make us panic, but it's just as possible to see a different picture.
We are living in a country of great wealth and a great history of helping people (usually people in OTHER countries) that's been sitting back and doing nothing while 31,000,000 fellow countrymen and women go without health care. What I see is an opportunity to help those souls have a better life. These people are right here - not in Haiti or some other third world country. Sure, we might have to dig into our pockets and help them, but what kind of people are we anyway! As politicized as this has gotten, it's pretty easy to get riled by Nancy Pelozzi's coat hanger smile face and John Boner's, I mean Beaner's, I mean Boehner's obstructionist rhetoric, but after all is said and done, Amercans helping Americans looks good to me. That what I see. Anyone care to visit NYC with me sometime?
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