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F/S Surefire weapon/bow light 345 lumens rechargeable

350 LUMENS $175

Hi guys,
I have made one rechargeable conversion of a Surefire 6P flashlight, into a weapon light of 345 lumens.

You can mount this baby in a 5.56 mm a 50 caliber or a shotgun, it will shrug recoil no matter what caliber you shoot. Ideal to mount in a bow, friends that have niusance licenses are using my early versions.

Surefire have one, but is longer, runs only for 20 minutes on three disposables 123's batteries and is only 225 lumens, as well as costing $420.--
Millennium Universal WeaponLight System - M961XM07 available from SureFire

I have machined the interior of the Surefire body, to accept the use of a premium quality Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.
The lamp have a very heavy spring that acts as a shock absorber and the one piece battery really doesn’t have room to move forward

The special machined Surefire body is a part of the equation.
The Lamp is a new one by Thru Nite, it is the new Cree R-5 and output and incredible 345 lumens (well more than any Surefire weapon light)

The tail cap has a remote cable switch with pressure pad, so you can place it on the stock of your rifle or shotgun, under your thumb. Yes thumb pressure will activate the light.

Usually this type of light uses 123’s batteries, they go fast under the power of 345 lumens, so I opted for a long run time battery, rechargeable, that will last you close to 2 hours of run time.

Moreover, when you are unsure of how much battery juice is in the battery, just pop it into the charger and you get a full charged battery, ideal if you practice much night shooting with your AR.
You cannot do that with 123’s primary batteries unless you are willing to dump expensive half used batteries.

Li Ion technology will provide extend use if you don’t use the light, an occasional full top charge every 5 months will keep the battery at full capacity.

I have used a crenellated bezel up front, but I also have available a bezel with no crenellated, if the buyer so desire.

I provide the light with a Weaver ring, or a heavy QD lever mount so you only have to clamp it to a Weaver or Picattiny mount

E-mail me if you want to mount it on a sporting rifle and need to know which mount to use and where in the rifle to put it.

For bows usually it mount in the stabilizer by addin a $4.00 Weaver base, usually the #61A for a flat surface or a curved bottom one for the stabilizer

Charger good for 110 to 240 volts, I provide plugs for Australian, European or UK if necessary

I also have red lenses if they are needed (lenses not filters) but filters are available where Surefires are sold.

$175 shipped in the USA
$190 shipped International


Also write me a this e-mail if you need more information or want to pay with money order.

If you PM me here, it will take longer to answer you, as I am working away from the computer, while e-mails I always can answer from my cell phone.

Thank you for looking

builder of the Borealis flashlight

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