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Default almost forgot!!

yep on the day i got sick in the woods i also lost my wedding ring. (the wife loved that, actually she took it well and just laughed at me.) i was climbing my my tree when i heard something go dink off my treestand and hit the leaves below me. i shined my flashlight down and looked but did not notice anything below. i checked my belongings and made sure i had everything needed to hunt and made sure my treestand was still intake. (bolts etc. in place) everything looked good so i went ahead and made my way up the tree. it was not until i had been sitting awhile that i noticed my ring was gone. after the hunt my hunting partner and i looked thru the leaves for awhile but had no luck. the leaves are 6 inches deep so it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But i'll find it thanks to our member--- Jayson. He said he has a metal detector he will let me borrow next weekend. special thanks to Jayson from my wallet and my wife. wish me luck on finding it.
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