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I hope I can provide some useful info. to you. Speaking from experience a treestand provides you with a birdseye view of the area and the higher you are the risk of being smelled is reduced. Combine that with proper scent elimination techniques and you should be ok for starters. If possible use trees that have good, strong branches for climbing and cover for hang on stands. For climber treestands you will need a straight, strong tree without any branches, vines etc. for at least 25 ft so that you can climb up with no obstructions. If you know of any funnels, pinch points, or travel corridors that bring the deer and trails together you could setup around there. I always setup in woods opposed to fields. Maybe 40yards in from the fields edge. Thats where bucks will most likely be crossing the area checking the doe trails to the field. Look for the faint trail cutting across those field trails. It provides cover and saves the bucks time in searching for does. If you go to they have good tips at the bottom of their homepage just follow it to deer hunting tips. Also, try I'll try leaving more tips later because it takes me forever to type.
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