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Originally Posted by roho View Post
What if I told you that these guys lift weights every day, practice every day, have 26 "games" every year with a 10 "game playoff", have to handle a 3200lb car, wear a full body fire suit every time they get in the car, lose as much as 10% of their body weight every race, race side-by-side at 200+ mph inches apart, survive wrecks that would kill a man, there are only 40 or so of these guys in the whole world, and I could go on and on. Jr had 2nd degree burns over a large part of his body after his fuel line ruptured and caught fire, and he still raced the next weekend.
I am not a race fan, cant stand to watch it.......but don't care if other enjoy it. BUT....why do we have to call it a sport? its not a sport......its a race.
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