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Hi Friend,

Rattling is very effective if done correctly, and there are a lot of bucks in the area. Just remember only rattle when you are sure that the buck or bucks responding can't see your movements.

The closer the buck gets, the lighter that you rattle. I usually will rattle loudly for a few minutes then watch for 10 or 15 minutes. Repeat the process as necessary.

To encourage a buck to come in, even more, place some buck urine in the area, and if possible use a dummy deer.

Bang the antlers on the ground and scratch the ground with the antlers also. The more realistic that you can make it sound the better.

Use ground cover to your advantage, and always watch behind you, as they often will sneak in from behind.

A deer uses his nose to stay alive, and they are quite successful more times then not.

Hope this helps

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