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Now the only reason that I am "quoting" you is so I can refer back to what all you are asking, okay disclaimer taken care of so let's get down to giving you some feedback. I am not talking badly of your buddy. In my humble opinion the worst thing you can do is call badly. period.It sounds like you said that he makes his calls in an ascending note fashion and the opposite is whathe needs to do. I would suggest going to youtube and type something like "haydell duck calls". There are some good videos on there from the man who makes haydells calls about how to do a basic quack, a greeting or hail call, a plead call, and two different feeding calls (flying and on the water) I personally call just like he does, meaning by using the same words and sounds while I'm calling. I don't like haydels calls but they are good videos. Also go to and listen to his sound clips. That is who makes all of my calls for me, one at a time as I ask for them. His sound clips will give you an awesome ear for what great calling sounds like. You can also go to carlson championship calls and he has a good package that has a basic call and an instructional dvd for less than $50 that is also very good. Or, you can go to ducks unlimited website and look at their duck identification link from there home page and the have recordings from in the wild of different ducks species. any or all of that should get you started very well,
Now for identifying ducks.......very tricky, it takes a lot of time and trial and error but you can get started by visiting delta waterfowl's website and taking some of thier quizzes on duck identification. drakes and hens are pretty easily to differentiate between, at least until you are talking about gadwalls and wigeon, they can be difficult to the untrained eye because they do look so similar. Unlike say a mallard who drake has the green head and the hen is light brown. Very easy to tell the difference. Duck identification is very important since, say on a canvasback, down here you are only allowed one a day and you don't want to make a mistake and shoot ttwo of them for it is a hefty fine. on the other hand we can only shoot one mallard hen a day and they look alot like other hens especially at 60 mph. I try to stay away from hens for the most part simply because dead hens don't lay eggs!!! and it is easier to identify drakes anyway.
now for your dog, goldens are good dogs. I prefer labs or chessies but since you have a golden, use him, don't give up on him. Goldens have a natural desire to hunt and retrieve. That is what they were originally bred for and the desire is there, you just have to bring it out. Chessies are in your face hardcore waterdogs that hunt to hunt. Labs and goldens hunt to please there master. I actually have a copy of the WOLTER'S WATERDOG dvd (2nd edition) that I payed $30 for that I will sale you for $25 if you are interested. It is a good video directed at labs but also works very well for goldens. I have used it and refer back to it for more advanced traing of my dogs. I also use a couple of dvd's from Jean Smith...old but very good training that she promotes for labs and goldens but will work for any dog. Her website is you can order her 2 dvd's for $55 and she will email you a bunch of info you can print, put in a binder, and take to the field with you. Hope all this helps and don't hesitate to ask more questions. You can email me directly at or call me at 281-839-5680
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yea, i am going to get a few calls over time and i thought about buying a dvd or cd that i can practice from. i have a good ear and i play music so i figured it would be alot easier for me to hear and mimic that. and i am trying to study up on what duck does what and all that. one thing that i dont understand is how you know what duck is what when the come near. which i know it will take alot of practice in the water but the few days i went i just remember it all being so fast. but, i will learn soon enough. i dont think we are going to build a boat blind but we are going to build us a stationary blind in one of the ponds. and i know that my buddy is talking about flooding some other fields so we can have a few more places to hunt.

what is a good dvd you would recommend on learning just techniques, tips, and anything else, to watch and get some ideas on stuff. i know the last day for us i got stuck in a blind with my other friend. Now remember i havent seen these guys in a year or so. and i used to farm with them so it just so happened i start hangin out wiht them again on the last week of duck season. but pricie, the one that owns the farm, he is married now and settled down alot. So anyways, i get stuck in the blind with Heath, Pricies bro-in-law, and hes one of them that thinks since he has hunted most of the season with them that he knows it all. So his calling is horrible, and i mean not that he cant call but that he calls with like weird cadences. And its funny in a way because im thinking man the birds are laughing at us... something like.... quack...quack...quack,quaCK,QUACK!!! the the last three quacks escalating. and my question is, do i need to kind of steer away from being in the blind with somebody that isnt going to get the job done. Which i will say i killed the only 2 birds that day but i was calling then. and i dont know how to really call, i just hit a comeback on one and the other i just kind of guided them in with single quacks.

And also, i have a golden that is almost 4 months now and he is going to be my little hunting buddy. But i know this is your opinion versus mine. But that im aware of, he is not a hunting bred dog. So would you suggest using a dog that has been bred for hunting or can you teach a dog enough to get the job done. i mean i have been working with him on obedience since i got him. But im goin to take him to a obedience class one of my buddies does and get him started. now thats just for me, you know like just learning not to tear the house up, or come when i call. But i have another friend that used to train duck dogs during the summer he was in college and he said he would work him with me. But again, i was just wandeing because some ppl wont use a dog if its not like top notch or something.

Sorry for the long thread, just taking in the info man. thanks for all your help and interest.

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