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yea, i am going to get a few calls over time and i thought about buying a dvd or cd that i can practice from. i have a good ear and i play music so i figured it would be alot easier for me to hear and mimic that. and i am trying to study up on what duck does what and all that. one thing that i dont understand is how you know what duck is what when the come near. which i know it will take alot of practice in the water but the few days i went i just remember it all being so fast. but, i will learn soon enough. i dont think we are going to build a boat blind but we are going to build us a stationary blind in one of the ponds. and i know that my buddy is talking about flooding some other fields so we can have a few more places to hunt.

what is a good dvd you would recommend on learning just techniques, tips, and anything else, to watch and get some ideas on stuff. i know the last day for us i got stuck in a blind with my other friend. Now remember i havent seen these guys in a year or so. and i used to farm with them so it just so happened i start hangin out wiht them again on the last week of duck season. but pricie, the one that owns the farm, he is married now and settled down alot. So anyways, i get stuck in the blind with Heath, Pricies bro-in-law, and hes one of them that thinks since he has hunted most of the season with them that he knows it all. So his calling is horrible, and i mean not that he cant call but that he calls with like weird cadences. And its funny in a way because im thinking man the birds are laughing at us... something like.... quack...quack...quack,quaCK,QUACK!!! the the last three quacks escalating. and my question is, do i need to kind of steer away from being in the blind with somebody that isnt going to get the job done. Which i will say i killed the only 2 birds that day but i was calling then. and i dont know how to really call, i just hit a comeback on one and the other i just kind of guided them in with single quacks.

And also, i have a golden that is almost 4 months now and he is going to be my little hunting buddy. But i know this is your opinion versus mine. But that im aware of, he is not a hunting bred dog. So would you suggest using a dog that has been bred for hunting or can you teach a dog enough to get the job done. i mean i have been working with him on obedience since i got him. But im goin to take him to a obedience class one of my buddies does and get him started. now thats just for me, you know like just learning not to tear the house up, or come when i call. But i have another friend that used to train duck dogs during the summer he was in college and he said he would work him with me. But again, i was just wandeing because some ppl wont use a dog if its not like top notch or something.

Sorry for the long thread, just taking in the info man. thanks for all your help and interest.
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