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Only a few disagreemnts here.. first you don't need a 12 gauge, a 20 gauge will do. a lot of the people that I guide use a 20 gauge with 2 3/4 shot especially in early season when the ducks are easier to bring close. 12 gauge later when you may need a little reach in pass shooting. And I have killed countless geese with 3'' double b's no need for 3 1/2's unless you are a glutton for punishment and depending where you hunt, you don't automatically need a large number of dekes, remember, sometimes less is more . Especially in late season when the birds become decoy shy or are starting to pair up for breeding sometimes all you need is 1/2 dozen drake/hen pairs and a few drakes for bachelor groups on the fringes...big water....big spread, it's just easier for the birds to see. Litttle water smaller spreads can be just as effective, sometimes more so. just set them up right and give the birds a place to land into the wind.....Hunting Man made a VERY GOOD AND VERY IMPORTANT POINT....NEVER HUNT ALONE IN THE WATER AND ALWAYS LET SOMEONE KNOW WHERE YOU WILL BE. If you do have a boat and you are gonna hunt from it...camo it up, and pm me for details but I have boat blind plans that can be built for under $200 instead of buying one for $300-$600 If you are going to just use the boat to get to where you are going to hunt, hide the boat well and remember, this is very important, hide your face , you will spend most of your time staring upward and very few things shine in the wilds like a human face in the midst of a bunch of camoflauge

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I grew up duck hunting on the marshes & farm fields in NW Ohio. My son now hunts duck, geese, and deer. The cost issue is what you make it, how many decoys do you need, more is better. If hunting water then a boat/motor painted camo will be needed. Never hunt solo when hunting water, too many things can and do go wrong. Try to find someone experienced in decoy set-up and proper calling it takes years of practice to do it well. Shotgun 12 ga, at least 3", many are going to 3.5" for geese. Small streams can be hunted from a canoe and a few decoys say 1 doz. Big water hunting and 6 doz decoys would be needed and a good boat. I don't think duck hunting or anything else would replace deer hunting but too many sports may replace the other half and that might be a bad thing.

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