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I wouldn't call it humming it is more like a light growl...forcing air from the diaphram and depending what you are trying to do has a lot to do with it as well. If they buzz you and look like they want to bail or flare out and you blow a comeback call then it aint alot of growling or humming happening still some just not as much as say a feeding call or low end close in work when you are trying to finish them off. The hail call has alot of grunting with the call but the comeback call is like a screaming plea as it were. I do say do not buy a cheap call you get what you pay for. I am not saying go out and spend $120-$130 for a call if you cant afford it but get a quality call(unfortunatley that usually means a little more money) and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE..Then when you are done practicing, practice some more. Get some quality duck call audio's and try to emulate what you hear. I practice constantly and hopefully get better all the time. You also need to remember that ducks have a realitvley large set of vocalizations not just the quack that we are so use to hearing. It also depends on what type of ducks that you are hunting. all ducks don't sound alike. The quack that we most readily associate with ducks is usually a mallard but they and most ducks have whistles in there vocabulary. Woodies whistle and scream and canvasbacks almost seem to growl at times. Learn your duck sounds try to emulate them with your call and learn to call to the way the ducks are reacting and I don't know if I mentioned it but practiceAlso if I were a beginner I would say buy a single reed instead of a double reed call. They are easier to blow and if it is cold or they get wet, a double reed call in a lower quailty call the reeds can stick and you will end up sounding like a sick chicken trying to play the kazoo......bad calling is a whole lot worse than no calling at all
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yes smackabuck, it is the most exciting thing ever. man i have only been 3 times and i am hooked like a big bass on a crankbait. i know that morning before daylight i started hearing stuff like little jets going over my head and my buddy beside me said those are ducks. wow, man it is so much fun i will be ready for this next season. this year was the first year they hunted to so they only had one hole back behind his chicken houses but next year we are goin to flood some fields and there are a few other holes around that he can get permission to. he is a farmer so they can get access to about any land around.

But as far as a question i do have one. im not a pro at calling but plan to get some dvd's or something to learn. but my question is on just blowing a single quack as well as all other calls. do you hum when you call or just blow. because i had a guy tell me one time when you are calling you hum in your throat to make it sound live. but then i feel that i hear some people just blow the call.

So i am sure i have a thousand more questions but i dont want to bombard you with them all at one time. lol... im not quitting deer hunting because this year my fiance wants to go but i will definately be on the water every chance i get. i have a buddy that comes in at work that said he will take me out to arkansas with him next year to hunt some if i wanted to... so that seems pretty fun. i just know i am hooked line and sinker. whats some good newbie info you might want to add to my basic knowledge? anything accepted.

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