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I took a good friend of mine hunting for one of his first times looking for his first deer. I told him that no matter what walked out I was going to give him the first shot at it. We were sitting on the side of a tall ridge overlooking another ridge and a deep hollar when we heard something moving in the leaves to my left. I told him to get ready just then a large buck came out of a thicket and started walking slowly up the other ridge. My binocs were under my rifle I had laying in my lap so I picked up my rifle after I showed the buck to my buddy so I could try to see if he hit it. I was talking to him saying shoot shoot. If you don't shoot he is going over the ridge. Well needless to say he didn't shoot and the buck got away. When I put my rifle down and asked if he couldn't get on him is that why he didn't shoot he told me....he had him in his scope but saw me pick my rifle up and he knew that 7mm mag I was shooting was going to be loud he put his gun down and stuck his fingers in his ears. I can still see that buck to this day. He was a good one!
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