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i have a friend, that i have taken to my lease in Georgia. He is not very experienced, so i try to help him out. has been hunting about 2 years now. To understand this story, you must first know that this guy will get lost, with a gps in hand. lol. so i keep an eye on him. lol. one morning , going to the stands. I decided to hunt my climber about 400 yds from the stand he wanted to hunt. he had hunted it already 3 times that weekend. i am half way up the tree and i see his flashlight shining and moving all over the place. in the woods, the food plot , back into the woods. I'm thinking "what the heck is he doing?" I'm contemplating climbing down to check on him. just then his light turns off. woods are quiet and dark again. no radio call, so i figure all is well. after the hunt, i meet up with him. he informs me that he got lost and couldn't find the stand (had already been to it in the dark twice)lol then he tripped on a log on the edge of the food plot. he sat down on the edge of the food plot till day break. found the stand, started to climb up in it and spooked 6 does. if he would of been up in there, could of gotten his first deer.

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