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years ago, in the 60's and 70's, you were hard pressed to find a better scope than redfield. then scopes started being made by everyone as hunters went from the old win 94, savage 99's, hump back shot guns with buck shot, and what ever the marlin was to the newer more finely built bolt guns. back when i first started hunting some of the old guys thought scopes were cheating, kinda like some think wheel bows are cheating, or cross bows, as well as all the other gadgets that are out there. I don't know why redfield couldn't keep up with what was happening, maybe stuck in the passed?, but they went by the way side in the early 80's. now leupold owns redfield. they are made in oregon, the state not the town. so made in America, lifetime warranty, they feel solid, and not a bad price. i was really kinda impressed with what it looked like you were getting for the $$. time will tell.
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