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Hey guys, been a few weeks since i been on the site. had alot of work going on and wedding planning to do. i am a newly engaged hunter as of jan. 1st. so alot to do and so little time to be in the So how about i may, just may, get to make a duck trip saturday if my old roomie gets to get off the farm to go.

It was crazy. Last wednesday i had to attend his grandfathers funeral.(i worked on the farm for him about 2 yrs ago, best job i ever had.) But i lived with him when i did farm and i havent talked to him in a bout a year or so.

so anyways, i go and i get up to him and shake his hand and we chit chat a few secs. and he looks at me and says, "you dont duck hunt do you,." i almost lost my i said no way man dont say you do. cause they are who really got me into deer hunting. so he says yea i have all season. i went once with a friend at the first of the season and been hookes since. so, he asked me if i wanted to go this last weekend of the season just to try it and see if i like it.

so sorry for the long story but im pretty stoked and excited and its only monday....;

you guys wish me luck cause im gonna need it. happy hunting!!!!!
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