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in small blocks of woods like that, it takes very little to boot them out or make them go nocturnal. even you going in with the pb can mess it up. scent control is of the utmost importance at all times.

when developments go in the developer must leave a certain % of green space. this can include crop land as well as woods. most times there is a corn or bean field that is part of this green space and is the draw to the deer. plus these spaces tend to only hold the number of deer it can hold, they won't be over populated. when there gets to be too many deer, the young bucks are booted out anyway, they will move to other green spaces and they tend to get hit by cars more often than deer in the big woods.

plant foods that they will like all year round so different things should be planted for the spring/summer and the fall/winter. then there is the need for cover. tall over grown field grass or honeysuckle.
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