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I need your help!

I have spent over $1000 the past year or so trying to get deer to come into my yard! I have a tripod slinging corn twice a day, lure hangers, I have tracked the woods and found trails, scrapes, etc. and applied peanut butter on almost every tree leading back to my feeder, I planted a food plot towards the end of summer (which is full and thick), I have peanut butter jars taped upside down to trees, salt blocks, mineral blocks, and applied C'Mere Dear over the ground below the feeder. This has been going on for over a year. I've seen coons, squirrels, crows, doves, foxes, you name it. But, I have yet to see 1 FREAKING DEER!! The only thing I can think of, is I have a great dane and a boxer in a 50'x50' fenced lot at the back of my property. Everyone tells me this could be why they won't come into my yard. I've also heard that once the deer realize the dogs are fenced in, they would come on into the food plot. I haven't seen them yet. No tracks or anything! I've also used doe urine. What is going on? Can any of you guys help me out?
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