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welcome to the site. ill try to answer a few of your questions and then let some of our other members throw some input out there.

yes scent control does work. deer have extremely powerful noses and if they catch a whiff of human scent their gone. please check out the scent elimation artcile in the hunting tips section and you will see what i do to control my scent. i usually use products from wildlife research. i cant stress enough how important it is to get rid of human scent.

there is also another article in the hunting tips section titled field dressing. its a pretty simple step by step to show you how to gut a deer. it will a be little gross to you and will probably take you a little while but after your first few deer you will be a pro.

as far as what type of slugs i will let the shotgun hunters on here answer that one for you. i have never shot a deer with a shotgun before.

where to hunt the deer? since you live on the property always keep your eyes open and see if you notice any consistent deer movement or patterns. i usually hunt in the woods during the mornings and then move to a field edge in the evening time. if you can see some fields from your house try and figure out what locations the deer are coming out of the woods to eat in the fields. those would be some good spots to hunt. notice what time of day there coming out and try to get set up in one of those locations several hours before they usually arrive. then maybe you can get one as it is walking to the field.

if you find a consistent bedding area that you know the deer use every day i would leave this area alone. leave some areas of the land "untouched" so you dont run all the deer off.

me personally i dont hunt from a ground blind. not saying i never hunt off the ground, i just prefer to hunt from a higher elevation than the deer. the higher i am the less likely the deer will see or smell me. thus giving me a better chance of being able to shoot a deer.

you will get alot of different tips from all different types of hunters. i just ask that you remember one thing. there is no exact science to deer hunting. sometimes it is just luck when people take a trophy buck. take the tips that you think are intelligent and make good sense. you will learn from your mistakes. and dont be afraid to ask questions. us hunters that have been doing this awhile might be able to help you not make the mistakes we did when we were 13.

thanks again for joining up. and if you shoot a deer be sure a post and pic of it in our gallery so you can be entered into our young sportsman contest.
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