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thanks for the info mac. i had a guy come in today at the store and asked me if i was slaughtering the ducks this year. I guess cause i had my camo work hat on, and i told him sir, i have never even been duck hunting. He said son you better realize that your sitting on one of the best flyways here and all you have to do is go get with the game warden and ask where you can hunt and go shoot em. of course after i bought stamp and license, but i thought hmmmm sounds good enough. but i do have a dog actually i got a 8 week old golden retriever but i didnt actually get him for hunting. i got him for the fiance but wouldnt hurt for him to chase a few well, should i have someone train him or is that even a good dog or train him myself. i know you need a dog but i didnt know what all has to be done. So guys, i do thank you all for the help and tips you have giving as i may not make a duck hunting trip this year i think i want to by next year so yal wish me luck and happy hunting to you all.
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