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I really think that most shooter/hunter do no realize the number of buckshot hunters in the Soutern tier of States.
You will hear little about them or about buckshot in the rag writers! Having spent my entire adult life working for the gun and ammo companies, I saw the amount of buckshot sales and inventories.
While buckshot loads have been improved some....there is still a great deal of improvement to be done. The major problem with today's buckshot is it is too soft....that's why the buffer is there!
Specialized loads can be put together by experienced reloaders using good buckshot (Hornady & Ballistic Products) that have been heat hour at 450 degress and water quenched. This reduces deformation and makes for more penetration and bone busting.
Another trick is to load #00 in stacks of two, rather than stacks of three! This allows tigher chokes to come into play!
As for Foster slugs......sad but true...they run too soft and lead the barrel bad.
It amazes me to see the hunter/shooter looking to buy the cheapest ammo. You get what you pay for! Ammo is still a small part of the overall cost of hunting! Buy the best you can find!
Recoil.....slugs and buckshot recoil about the same as heavy turkey and waterfowl loads.
If you are going to shoot slugs, by all means put some sights on your gun! Tru-Glo has some great products!
Regards, James
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