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The Three Bears Story comes to mind.Creep in there and go to sleep in their bed and when poppa bear shows up it's on man.hehehe j/k
If your going to be outside the bedding area on a place this small I'd definately try to get off the ground.Maybe a ladder or platform stand on the treeline watching the road crossing?That would remove the advantage of their sense of smell in such a small area.The higher the better and my bet is they won't be looking at ya either.They will probably be coming out late evening and going in early morn.You will just have to hope the big ones aren't completely nocturnal.Then again this advice is coming from a guy who just spent three hunts in the same spot sitting on the ground with his bow and not seeing the first I'm blaming it on the moon being full all night.So much for my very first bowhunt.
Good luck and happy hunting.

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