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Scout cams...

I did a little digging and it appears there aren't many scout cams that send the pics to your phone. The one you mentioned is this one:

Cellular-Scout CS-05

You'll not only need at least $569 for the scout cam setup, you'll need to have a Treo 600 or 650, since that's the cell phone/camera that fits in the scout cam case. The Treo 600 came out around 2003, and you can get one for $100 or so. Maybe cheaper if you got one used on Ebay (no idea if you can even find them there).

The only other thing I could find remotely resembling this product is security cameras and such like here: Safe Scout Remote Video Alarm

That's actually pretty cool. $200 for the whole shebang, but you're going to pay a monthly charge to the security company. I've no clue if they'd actually go with the idea of taking pics of deer as opposed to someone breaking in your house. But I bet if you talked to them, they'd agree, since like most companies, they like money.

If you don't want to put out the $700+ for the Penns Woods setup, you might try digging into the security camera industry a bit deeper. Security camera setups have had this technology for awhile. Besides the link I posted above, I also found this one on the popular mechanics website:

Nokia Observation Camera Sends Pictures To Your Cellphone - Popular Mechanics

The price is better and you won't need two cell phones.

It's called M2M (or machine to machine) technology. Just do some googling for things like -- security camera send pictures to cell phone -- and I bet you can find something that will work as well, and for a better price.

If money isn't an issue... you can buy the Penns Woods camera right there on their site. You might do a google search for Penns Woods discount coupon code or something to see if you can get it a little bit cheaper. ;]

Good luck!

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