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hahahaha, buckfever that sounds like a plan!!! Well im a die hard deer hunter and prob would never quit to actually just duck hunt. But i have always had that thing for it. Because you know how we all have bought some deer hunting dvd's just to pass time when the ladies are shopping on a friday night and i dont want to get out late. But i will buy duck hunting dvd's too and it really makes me have the itch for it. But i had a friend in high school that went all the time with his dad and they always invited me but i was always to busy for going. But now i want to go and they only deer hunt now and i havent spoken to him in a while. So i dont really know anyone who does and didnt know if there is some kind of like club or organization nearby that would be a good way to check it out or something. But buckfever, when i get to slinging the lead i will sure invite you guys on a nice little trip under the skies.......
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