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Is this out of an ar platform? I had some of the same problems with my ak rounds. But it was after 10 or 12 reloads each. Just got worn out.

Originally Posted by AIRBOURNE View Post
I could be wrong here, but I beleive the higher price dies are for bench rest competiters and the likes. the precision dies bring the fired cases to a more precise and uniform size to give batch consistancy. probably something to do with internal case space and uniform pressures over all.

but like I said, I could be wrong.

I last reloaded for .223 and after experiencing some case splitting, picked up a case neck resizer. since all my rounds get fired in only one firearm it is unnecessary to full lenth resize the cases.

I did opt for a set of expensive carbide dies when I loaded competition .45 acp rounds. they were well worth the extra $$$ because they really allowed the cases to flow through the dies without hardly any resistance and the need to lubricate.

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