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We all know how scents play a roll in hunting and we all have our own methods of controlling our scents,
I am really impressed with Bukmastr's post, I too am very scent conscience but it isn't a major concern for me either,,, here's why and I think Buckmastr will agree with me...
first of all I always use a human scent neutralizer before I enter the woods (Scent-away) I spray it on my jacket and pants, just enough to say I used it. sometimes (depending on the level of Rut) I will also use tinks 69 on my boots, now that works 2 ways, it covers my scent trail and will sometimes lure Deer in. But more importantly I concentrate on "WIND Direction" <--that I believe is the key element, If I think the Deer are in front of me, then I want that wind in my face at all times IF it isnt , I change my approach I'll circle around and come in from a different side.
The reason I don't get all anal about scent control is because everything has odors even the scent neutralizer has an odor but it does work neutralizing normal body/clothing scents... odors don't matter if you keep the wind blowing your scent away from the deer and not into them.
I'm not saying anyone should stop using their methods of scent control But I am saying if you keep track of the wind direction the odors won't be such a big concern. GOOD LUCK...

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