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In the past I havent had much luck in calling, but with that being said... I really started paying attention the last couple of years when in the woods. To sounds I've heard, etc. I used the "can" alot last year with good luck, but havent had much luck this year in a different part of the woods. I have had a family of 4 does and one button buck come in to the can at one point this year. I have really enjoyed using my knight and hale ez grunt tube. (something like that.) I have had a lot of luck with that this year. On multiple times i have blind called and deer have shown up, they dont see anything, leave, I grunt some more and with in minutes they're back again. Also had good luck with the grunt when a deer gets spooked and decides to bolt, just pick it up and do some calling (blow throug hthe tube with hand cupped over the end then slowly open your hand while exhaling) and on at least 5 different times through the year the bucks have come back within seconds. (One specific time had two bucks, {one mature 13}, run then come back within 30 exaggeration)
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