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Blind Calling

Recently, this season to be exact, I have been in several discussions regarding when and when not to use a deer call. The more than average concensous is to use the call sparingly and only on deer you can see.

As always, every hunter is a different team and every hunt is a new game so variations of applications apply.

I have used a call several times this season, of those that I can redily recall 2 instances resulted in being totally ignored by deer I had a visual on and 3 instances I can recall, blind calling produced deer and on two of those occasions several deer from the single call sequence.

The woods that I hunt in, I have been told has its abundance of (scaredy cat deer), many bucks would rather tuck their tails and boogy than confront another buck, and I have witnessed that happening. so you need to adjust you calling to the tolerence of the deer.

Here is my take on calling from what I have learned.
Definatly call deer that you can see. but make sure that if you do your location at ground level could conceal a deer. if a deer looks in the direction of the calling and sees no deer when he should be able to, he is going to suspect something. (or use a decoy).
Do call sparingly to start and be prepaired to vary calls and apply other tactics if the calling garners indifference.

Make blind calls, period. You cant know if there is a deer 20 yards away on a trail in thick cover and that all it takes to get him to show himself is a couple of bleats or grunts. what really is the difference in
seeing or not seeing the deer you are calling if they are in both cases only 25 yards away?

the following clips are a calling sequence today with a new call I was messing with. my video authoring software is adiquate at best and thats why I had to make 2 seperate clips. there is 12 minutes between the end of the 1st video and the beginning of the second.


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